Distressed Debt 1, LP and Its Philosophy

Distressed Debt

A Global Distressed Debt Hedge Fund
Distressed Debt 1 LP

Distressed Debt 1, LP is a Delaware limited partnership that searches the global bond markets looking to buy deeply discounted or defaulted debt for pennies on the dollar, from issuers that appear likely to restructure or settle the debt and still return significantly higher returns than are normally associated with high yield junk bonds. Many of these companies may be in a technical or selective default, and some of them will continue to pay interest income at very high rates while seeking better terms with existing debt and bond holders. Consequently, we seek to achieve a cash flow average above 15% while waiting for companies to improve balance sheets and negotiate more favorable terms with creditors.

Distressed Debt 1’s unique expertise is in very early identification of companies from around the world executing superior business turnarounds, where Wall Street has priced the stressed bonds for default.  Good businesses can be mismanaged or become over leveraged.  However, companies with monopolistic or essential industries in their own country often can have less direct competition, so a new turnaround plan along with new management could prove to be the key to a full and complete recovery.  Through our highly selective process, we have acquire for pennies what others originally paid dollars for. Our goals is to not only forecast a possible debt recovery, but more importantly, we often find companies with distressed debt valuations, where a recovery is highly probable.

We search out for unique or lesser known issuers that are in trouble because of a onetime  black swan event, which has resulted in its bonds being jettisoned or shunned by the majority of  the marketplace because of the sudden failure to meet minimum criteria written in the  prospectus of many bond funds.

The time to buy companies is when others may be forced to sell

We typically watch companies for many months after the default or black swan type of vent to evaluate whether a new management team or the operations situation has changed in any way that would offer good reason for increased value for debt purchasers. If the debt has been reduced by 70-­90% or more as a result of lower bond prices and the stock or equity holders have essentially lost control,  because of the risks involved, large institutional investors that may try to influence the process of reorganization are usually the major buyers of distressed securities. For sophisticated investors who understand investing in distressed securities and are willing to accept the risks, these rare situations can be extremely attractive bargain opportunities.

Black swan events hurt most investors, but a few know how to take   advantage of troubled companies. Shouldn’t you?
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