Bloomberg Article on Rolta

Shortly after writing our last article on Rolta India’s restructuring proposal, “In Response to Rolta’s Restructuring Support Agreement“, we were contacted by a reporter from Bloomberg covering the story for a phone interview with Randy Durig.  The notes from the interview can be found below.   Rolta Debt Plan ‘Misguided,’ Better Deal Needed, Hedge Fund Says By David Yong, Bloomberg (Bloomberg) — Rolta India’s plan to restructure about $500m of defaulted notes is unlikely to succeed because it imposes bond haircuts while preserving equity holders, according to U.S. hedge fund Durig Capital, Inc. “The bond restructuring plan is misguided,” CEO Randy Durig says in a phone interview from Oregon. “These past two years, we have been playing a game of rewarding stockholders first at the demise of bondholders”. “In a Read More …

Cumulus Media’s Restructuring Proposal Unfairly Favors Banks – An Analysis By Distressed Debt 1 LP Hedge Fund

We at Distressed Debt 1 LP, and Durig Fixed Income 2, would like to present an explanation of the underlying issue with Cumulus Media (CMLS) current restructuring proposal, as we see it. First let’s get an understanding of its valuation. Last quarter’s EBITDA for Cumulus Media was reported at $61.8 million.  Radio media companies historically trade above ten times EBITDA, especially for those growing profits.  Since the new management has been involved, the company’s bottom line is growing.  So, we will use a simple 10x’s multiple.  As the run rate of last quarter’s EBITDA was $61.8 million, multiplying times 4 quarters, times ten,  gives an enterprise valuation estimate of around $2,472 million. There are two debt issues outstanding, the first being $1,728 million in notes, and the other being $610 Read More …

Distressed Debt 1 Hedge Fund Celebrating Two Years of Success

We are proud to celebrate two years of the Distressed Debt 1 Hedge Fund!  The performance generated in the first two years was so strong that we were recognized for our success by various industry ranking agencies and third party analytic firms. During our first 2 years ending September 31 2017: Cumulative return was 199.16% Our compound rate annually was 53.83 % Our Beta was  – 0.83 Our Alpha was  4.76 %

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