Up over 15% in 2017 – Rolling 12 Month Return: 65.73 %

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We are on track for a very successful year!

We are almost halfway through 2017 and very happy with our Year-to-Date returns

Even after a lackluster June we still appear to ranked among the top 10 returns for Hedge Funds in 2017 (according to Hedgco.com, a database of over 9000 Hedge Funds).  In 2016 we were the ranked as the top performing Hedge Fund in the nation by Hedgeco.net

We re-positioned a significant portion of the portfolio with a goal of bettering our positions for the second half of 2017.

 Distressed Debt 1 is also proud to announce AI – The voice of Corporate Finance, has awarded us:

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Best Distressed Debt Hedge Fund

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